Still on Track!!! Day 114

I know it's been a long time since I've posted.  Since the New Year, I feel like I've been working so hard playing 'catch up' with everything!  From household to my Pampered Chef business and other projects, it just hasn't stopped! But I can say that despite the stress of it...I'm so excited about what's … Continue reading Still on Track!!! Day 114


Happy New Year…Day 73

Happy New Year 2017!  The fireworks were spectacular in our neighborhood last night and early into the morning.  Mike and I slept in late, but this being New Year's Day, it's been a good time to reflect.  This last year 2016 was pretty hard for me on many levels, most notably with the passing of … Continue reading Happy New Year…Day 73

Garbage in…Day 61

It's finished!  Christmas baking 2016 is in the books.  Eight banana bread.  Eight chocolate zucchini loaves with a few extra mini-cakes.  Several dozen of my Mom's sugar cookies.  A myriad of gingerbread angels.  About 10 dozen each of the cranberry-orange and the cherry-chocolate.  Over three days.  And I'm happy but exhausted! I made a batch … Continue reading Garbage in…Day 61

‘Tis the season…Day 46

Can I tell you how much I LOVE Christmas baking?  It's something I've enjoyed since I was a kid and have continued non-stop each season.  I have some signature treats like Gingerbread Angels (with real molasses), my Mom's Banana Bread (with raisins) as well as her Sugar Cookies (a touch of lemon), and a Chocolate Zucchini … Continue reading ‘Tis the season…Day 46